The Fix Fitness Team

Personal trainer and
Spin Instructor

Hope is a level 3 qualified Personal Trainer, qualified Spin Instructor and pole dancing fanatic. She is passionate about setting fitness related goals and celebrating what you have achieved rather than what you have lost. Weight is not a market of success or failure. Hope brings this approach to all her coaching sessions and classes.​



I was a dancer from a very young age and after time away from dancing, I returned to start pole dancing as a challenging alternative to build strength and stamina. In building strength for pole, this also introduced me to resistance training with weights in the gym. Through training I’ve now developed a non aesthetic based approach and a positive view of my own body. Fitness for me previously involved unsustainable HIIT routines and a negative relationship with my body based on my appearance. Each week I focus on what I have achieved and what areas I can improve in rather than what I have lost. I believe this sustainable approach to health, fitness and well being makes training enjoyable.

Personal trainer

Nick is a level 3 qualified Personal Trainer who started his fitness journey 4 years ago. Nick understands how simple diet changes and consistent training can transform the way you look and feel. Nick’s interests are in strength and conditioning and basic weight training that you can stick to, to achieve the best results.

I always struggled to understand how people make such good transformations, I had no basic understanding of diet and training and so I worked on this so that I was able to advise others. I now know what it takes to make positive changes to your lifestyle and my passion is to pass this on to others"